As we are coming towards the end of December and I’ve had a chance to test out some “fun” workouts with you members, I thought it would be a good time to explain how we are going to be structuring next year’s training.

CrossFit’s Theoretical pyramid of development includes metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting or throwing. These are the elements that are the foundations upon which our sessions are built.


Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning builds capacity in each of the three metabolic pathways, short, medium and long distance simultaneously. For example, short workouts (1-6 mins) e.g. Fran, medium workouts (7-15 mins) e.g. Helen, or long workouts (20 mins+) e.g. our very own UNIT 22 benchmark workout, Greg. Without good metabolic conditioning, you will fatigue prematurely without achieving the desired stimulus and potentially end up looking as green as I do occasionally post workout!


Establishes functional capacity for body control and range of motion. Before attempting to control an external object (barbell, ball, opponent, etc.), you should first possess the strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility to move your own body through many different body positions and movement combinations with sound mechanics and confidence. This can be seen in simple movements such as a properly completed air squat, push up, or pull-up and in more complex movements like rope climbs and muscle ups.

Weightlifting and Throwing

The ability to control external objects and produce power – here we build upon the foundations of those already developed above. I know what you’re all thinking, the sexy movements – Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You’d be right, but what about Wall Balls, Kettlebell Swings, Dumbbell Thrusters, all of these are built on basic bodyweight movements with an external object added in. These are basic motor patterns which allow you to correctly transfer the power generating from your core to extremities both loaded and unloaded.

These are the elements that you see frequently across our weekly programming.

It may seem like we just pull together random movements, numbers and timescales that are designed for us coaches to collect your souls like Hades, leaving you ghostly pale and sweaty post workout, but believe us when we say, there is method behind our madness.


2020 Programming

Throughout 2020 we will be working in focused blocks rotating through the elements above and on the development of your individual capabilities. It will include the following:

Two Gymnastics Blocks- Tarzan and Spiderman

We’re not going to have you swinging from buildings or trees. What we are going to do is make sure you are able to move and handle your own bodyweight, making it look effortless. So, if you needed to swoop in on a vine and sweep that special someone off their feet – you could, no sweat.

Two Strength Blocks – Hulk and Hercules

Here, we will be making you strong AF. Not only will this make the benchmark workout weight feel easier, but according to Mark Rippetoe, “Stronger people are harder to kill than weaker people, and more useful in general.”


Two Engine Blocks- Sam Briggs (arguably the best cardiovascular athlete in CrossFit) and Forrest Gump (he ran across America – THREE TIMES!)

We’re just going to make you unstoppable, simple.

Tarzan will kick off for 6 Weeks on Monday 6th January 2020.


Additional Programming

We will also be introducing additional programming on Boxmate, designed to compliment classes, this is for those who want to do more.

There will be 3 additional programmes:

  • Accessory
  • Engine
  • Competitor

Accessory – 3 x a week

Defined as an addition to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. This will be an additional 20-30 minutes of work programmed three times a week. Designed to assist in bullet-proofing your body, working on developing your gymnastic and strength capacity.

Engine – 3 x a week

Three 20-30 minute sessions that will help you channel your inner Sam Briggs. These are not redline workouts where you “Pull the Pin”, it is a sensible approach to building your ability to work harder for longer.



Competitor – 4 x a week

You want to push the limits of what you can do. This will include workouts that replicate competitions, exercises that require higher levels of skill under fatigue (pistols, muscle ups, heavy cleans and jerks). Sessions will add an additional 30-40 minutes of work after a class. This isn’t for the faint hearted.

All sessions and accessories are recorded on Boxmate. If you have any issues downloading the app then speak to one of the coaches who will be able to help you out.

So, there you have it, a little insight into how we put together the class sessions, and what you can expect to help you become just that little more awesome in 2020.

Coach Jamie