We are excited to bring you a new class on Saturday mornings to complement and enhance the Olympic Weightlifting offering, coached by our latest addition, Siobhan. She is a BWL Level 2 qualified coach, with several years of weightlifting training under her belt. Before joining UNIT 22, Siobhán came from a background of Strong Woman and Powerlifting, and is retired Britain’s Strongest Woman, Highland Games Champion and Strong Woman World Champion Competitor.

So, what is the class and why is it important? Siobhan has written this blog to explain all…

Weightlifting is a highly technical set of lifts. It takes time and patience to iron out any technical errors, and sometimes feels like you make progress in one area, and then another error comes along! UNIT 22 are introducing a technical weightlifting class which will run on Saturdays after the main weightlifting class. Part of the class will be dedicated to the typical errors that come up in the main class, for example, bar paths and feet and arm positioning. But also, there will be time to talk through the lifts in more detail, using the BWL Technical Model, so you can identify the key movements and incorporate that into your lifting. The technical class is a smaller class, so you will get more individual coaching to help you achieve your goals in weightlifting. This will be the time where you get to work on your individual development areas, by breaking down the movement, being coached through each part, and then putting it all back together again. It is a more bespoke and flexible class, designed around your weightlifting goals. So, if you are interested to learn more about weightlifting, and improve your technique, then come along!

I come to the gym mostly for CrossFit, is this class for me?

CrossFit takes its major components from various disciplines, including weightlifting. By spending more time perfecting your weightlifting technique, you can improve your overall CrossFit performance. This means you will spend more time in your CrossFit classes working on increasing the weights you can lift and your efficiency as a lifter, rather than stripping the weights off and practicing technique. In addition, if you want to come along and try for a weightlifting PB, with more time to be observed by a coach, this class gives you the time and space to do so.

The weightlifting technical class will start on Saturday 17th July at 10:00.

If you have any questions about the class, do speak to the coaches. Otherwise, it would be great to see you there!