I found out about CrossFit through watching the CrossFit Games documentaries on Netflix and immediately wanted to try it. I had a friend I had played rugby with in the past who had been a member at UNIT 22 and said it was a great place, with great coaches and a friendly atmosphere, so I signed up for my free taster sessions in January 2018 and have been hooked ever since. 

Prior to joining UNIT 22, I used to go to the gym and lift weights to try to improve my physique and strength, but it was difficult to stay motivated and my aerobic conditioning was terrible (because I never did any of it!). 
Through the CrossFit sessions I’ve developed skills that I never thought I would be able to achieve when I first joined, including Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics movements I had never even attempted before. Additionally, my movement patterns in basic compound movements have improved beyond recognition, leading to great progress in my strength and strength endurance.
After a few months of being a member at UNIT 22 I added regular RAW Conditioning sessions to my training, and quickly saw a dramatic increase in my aerobic capacity. Whether it was a longer or shorter workout, I was able to push harder and recover quicker.
On the days where you’re feeling low on energy, unmotivated, or have had a bad day at the office, it’s the people that make me think I’ll head down anyway and see some friends. And most of the time, I leave feeling pleased that I’ve got a good workout in on a day where I could have easily made a decision to be lazy.
On the other days, where I’m feeling motivated, it’s knowing that if I keep working hard I can keep improving in every aspect of my fitness. 


Whether you struggle to climb a flight of stairs without taking a break half way, or you have played sport at an elite level, the Crossfit and Raw Conditioning sessions at UNIT 22 can help you improve your fitness.
Joining UNIT 22 is more like joining a sports club than becoming a member of a gym. You invest in it and you get so much more than just fitness (although you get a lot of that!). You train in a social environment with people of all abilities where someone getting their first pull up is celebrated more than someone hitting a 150kg clean and jerk. People push each other on to work harder, gain new skills, and improve their quality of life. And on top of all that, we socialise together regularly, with bbqs in the summer and regular social events throughout the year.