The gym I had been going to had closed and I had lost my way and motivation, I was recommended UNIT 22 by friends and started by doing the RAW classes. I have been to conventional gyms in the past and I would find myself just walking on the treadmill and just not pushing myself, at UNIT 22, even on a day when I’m tired, I get a far better workout.

I am definitely fitter, I thought I was fairly fit when I joined, but UNIT 22 has helped me get stronger and fitter. I have had a few injuries and operations since joining UNIT 22 (nothing to do with my training), so I guess my results are somewhat hampered. What I would say though is every coach, Bonney in particular, has helped me to still attend the sessions by making sure I can train, keep moving and exercising by helping me with rehab and ensuring I’m doing the movements safely so not to hinder my recovery.

I love the classes! I attend both RAW and CrossFit classes as I like the mix of cardio and weightlifting. The coaches are great and do everything they can to help you achieve, as they want the best for their members. I have made many new friends since joining and it is my safe haven, no matter how rubbish I feel when I walk in the door, I ALWAYS leave feeling great, if not a bit sweaty!!!

I am always telling my friends to come and try UNIT 22, it is a place where you can work at your own level and there are options for everyone, no matter what your size or fitness level. It’s a great place to get fitter and make friends. I love UNIT 22 and everything it stands for. It is my happy place 🙂 They organise social events where we can all have fun and it’s a great place to be. It’s more than just a gym, it’s a big part of my life and I would recommend UNIT 22 to everyone.